Thor’s Hammer

There’s a reason that Thor, the mythical Norse god for thunder, carried a hammer. A hammer is one of the oldest weapons and oldest training tools in mankind. Even if you look at the truncheons and the different heavy clubs around the world, many of them were used as a hammer style to swing. For me, the club and the hammer are inseparable. They’re different types of the same tool, both tools of war, tools of strength. The hammer simply represents strength.

Look at the mythology around the world, the John Henry myth of being steam-trained with a sledgehammer and being a giant, powerful man because of working with a sledgehammer. We all know people who swing sledgehammers for a living. Steve Justa has talked about spending one of the jobs he worked in where he had to beat the bolts out of an old bridge that they were tearing down with a sledgehammer, how brutal it was and how much it taught him about working. If you’d ever pick a real sledge and done any real work, you’d understand how much it can be but what if you took that sledge and went beyond?

What if you took it for the Thor level? What if you took it and instead of using a 10 or 15, that you used a 20 or 25 or 30 or 50-lb, or maybe even a heavier sledge and not only did you swing it but you swung it in a million different ways so you had strength in every possible direction, and you mixed it with other tools so that you had conditioning in every type of level, with strength, with conditioning, with endurance together? What if you just took it and swung it nonstop, pounding it out for an hour, an hour and  half, knocked out a thousand and more reps? What if you took that one tool and went absolutely crazy, did the best you could be, made yourself into a living, modern Thor?

Now we may not all be pretty like Chris Helmsworth from the movie but I guarantee you this: You do the work with the sledgehammer, you’ll burn off body fat, you’ll get strong, you’ll get amazing, and more than that, you’ll get a physical ability that’s way out of the realm of most of those guys playing superheroes in a movie.

If you want to be a modern superhero and a modern superman and create your own myth, then hey, crank it up. Find a way to be a modern Thor. You can be a modern Thor if you step up and use these DVDs. Check it out.

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