John Brookfield Battling Ropes Seminar

Another seminar you shouldn’t miss!

John Brookfield Battling RopesMy friend John Brookfield is doing a seminar in Tampa, Florida at the Next Level Training Center.  This seminar is special for multiple reasons.  First if you haven’t seen John’s Battling Ropes and tried them then you’re missing out on one of the most innovative and effective training tools in modern fitness.  I regularly use John’s rope training because it is bad to the bone!

Second:  John will be debuting some brand new pieces of his training system that no one’s ever seen before.  I will certainly be there to see that and you should too!

Third:  Ingrid Markham who is partnered with John in his Battling Ropes DVD and is a US Olympic lifting coach and an Olympic Bobsledder will be there.

Fourth:  The price!  They’re giving an extremely special low price that you’ll never be able to get again for one of John’s seminars.  Make sure you check it out and get there if you can.

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