Isometrics and Rehab

Reason number 11 you should be doing and learning about isometrics is it’s easy on and can rehab your joints

I spent 16 years trying to squat 1,000lbs and after I finally succeeded I decided to lose weight and get back to a leaner version of myself. I began to experiment with different exercises and started running. Running at 300lbs may not be the greatest thing you can do, but everyone should have that skill. I simply took a mis-step one day and ended up with an injury that has plagued me for several years. I experimented with multiple things to bring it back to health and finally just in the last bit have regained the ability to squat from the bottom position, having all my muscles fire in sequence and feel comfortable about not further damaging the joint.

Two of the exercises I spent an extensive time period working on for rehabbing my knee are isometric holds done in yoga style from Eischen’s yoga (such as front warrior held for extended time), and wall sit isometrics held with both bodyweight and weight. Both of these seemed to build my joints and knee back to where it doesn’t hurt, it stays in line on a regular basis and I can lift things I haven’t been able to for the last three years, because things became stronger.

The isometric exercises don’t bother my knee, which is crucial. I’ve got a lot of miles on me and even though I function better than much of the world, having engaged in thousands of hours of crazy and possibly damaging training, I have little to no damage, because I’ve found ways to stop the problems.

The isometrics seem to be developing muscle in me in a way that’s extremely joint friendly, to help me get back to full squats that helped me in other ways, such as upper body muscles and working around sore spots or injuries from grappling and other things I’ve done that build those muscles in a way that doesn’t cause pain. Isometrics can be some of the best rehab and pre-hab you can do with many ways to do it and you can train a massive amount of strain, strength, endurance and volume with little or no joint damage and always getting them perfectly aligned for the exercises you want to do. It’s very joint friendly with very little problem for a tremendous amount of pay off in what you can possible get out of the training

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