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So it’s been a while since we released anything new, but we are on the ball, on the way and about to drop some really cool stuff into the new information sphere.

Two new projects I specfically want to talk to you about – the first is a book, dvd and cd course that you’ll be able to buy within the week and in two formats.  A basic course which is just the book and then the full course which entails the book, dvds and cds package.  This new course is called, “Super Vitality.”   It’s an exploration and specific training program meant to take on every piece of the puzzle you need for building super human energy, recovery and along with it the concurrent strength, endurance and vitality that everybody should have.  

I believe we should be walking around with the energy to live life not just to exist and this is how we take it on.  I don’t believe anyone has every fully explored and put into practice routines that cover every type of strength.  In fact we cover 14 different types of strength endurance and physical movement for recovery that needs to be addressed for ultimate energy along with all the lifestyle factors.  Putting them very specfically into routines that at the same moment address subtle energy, breathing, pure upper-end physical strength, extended range in strength, explosive strength, flowing movement, explosive movement, hard cardiovascular challenge, extended third-way cardio, mobility, flexibility and recovery all at the same time and have it set so that it is in inherent within the routines themselves.  

I think it’ll be an incredible help to many people in building a lifelong amount of dynamic physical energy and vitality to apply to any concept and any venture they wish to put their wholeself into.  You’re just not everything you could be if you don’t have all the energy that’s truly possible and you don’t have it unless you train it and this gives you all those things and much more.  There are also some cool surprise people who contributed to this project.

The next is tenatively entitled, “Savage Strength.”  This is an exploration of: What would you do to train to become more than a normal human?  What would you do to train to become almost a fictional superhero, a pre-dawn of time man?  A man who is closer to animal in strength and reaction time than human?  A man who has all the power and ferocity of an animal with the intelligence of a civilized modern man?  

Much of our modern life has made us soft.  We don’t do the things necessary to give ourselves what our ancestors had in nature.  For instance our bones are less dense so we give you a specific way to train for that.  Our endurance is phenomenally less so we give you a way to train for that.   Our ability to cover distances is less so we give you a way to train for that.  Our fighting, crunching strength is far less unless you train for it and I believe we have put together a program that covers simple bases yet at the same time gives you the utmost maximum strength, endurance strength all rolled into one to give you that primordial savage strength that truthfully all of us wish we had.  These tie together in that if you have a vitality that’s lost to modern soft civilized man you can be more, you can take full advantage of the modern life we have if you have the vitality to do so.  That’s what so much of our training these days is based on.  That’s why I took the kettlebell swing as far as I could to make it incredible.

Speaking of kettlebell training – It’s okay to tell everyone now for those of you who don’t know – Dragon Door is going to publish my kettlebell book, “I Will Be Iron.”  Tenatively that will be out in December and I’ll give you more details as we get ready for its release.  

All of these books will come with companion DVDs, but we decided that to get that to the widest possible kettlebell audience and to help the most people Dragon Door was the way to go. I also wanted to work with the originators of the kettlebell resurgence in the US and my friends Pavel and John at Dragon Door thought this was a good collaborative project.  Look forward to it and the others very soon.  They will most likely be released in the order I mentioned them so start looking for them beginning in the next few days.   

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