Barbell Conditioning 2

The second in a series of videos on barbell conditioning showing you unconventional ways to train with a barbell. This video introduces you to circular training which can be done with barbells and dumbbells. Here is the circular row.

This video and the others to follow give you just a taste of what’s coming. Monster Conditioning: Barbells will be released in two days.

 Barbell Conditioning 2

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  1. T-Dog January 19, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    This is very interesting. I recently looked at an old Bob Hoffman course called Swingbell Training which evidently involved something like a dumbbell except with the weights in the middle of the bar so the lifter had handles on each side of the apparatus. I think one movement involved rotating this implement in a circular fashion infront of the lifter. Anyway, having an alternative to something like Sonnen’s expensive Clubs is interesting. This circular row is interesting. Thanks for the video.

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