A Key to Health and Being a Great Person

I talked about in a recent post, one of the things that’s really a common factor in those who live along time and are truly healthy, is that they de-stress.

They get their mental game going right. They don’t freak about every situation. Within that, let’s talk about something you could do to be proactive. Be joyful. And more than that, be joyful for your friends. You know every minute of your life doesn’t have something happening that keeps you smiling from ear to ear. And not always is something happening for your friends that’s gonna do the same thing but you know what being genuinely a friend and being genuinely happy for your friend is a big key to being proactively happy in your life.

And proactively happy which builds into your health. How do you do that? Pay attention to your friend’s lives, the ones you really are close, the ones you really care about. and be happy for them. Be happy in the things that happened to them. And commensurate when their sad but don’t let it kill your life and theirs. Be a constant positive influence and more than that, learn to just simply build and take genuine joy in everyday life, in every part of everyday life which we’ll talk about more as we go here in the future posts.

But one of the ways to do that is to simply practice being happy for your friend. I have a few friends and family members who had great things happened recently. One got a new job after a long time period. One is getting married. Some are having wonderful business developments. Be genuinely happy for them.

Don’t be closet jealous when something great happens for somebody else. When you’re happy for someone else, that joy pulls into your life. It builds your energy, it builds your focus, it builds your love with that person and it builds you into a better person. The more you go in that direction, the more you attract those things and push those things into your own mind. Be genuinely joyful when something happens to your friends. And take advantage to everything you can to help them and they’ll do the same for you. Be a blessing and you will be blessed.

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