When are you perfect enough?

Occasionally I Google my name. It’s something you should do when you have an online business. Tells you things like how you come up on searches, etc. Useful. However, if you have an online presence, or you do anything, or stand up for anything you better have thick skin. See when you do ANY of [...]

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One way that program has looked in real life!

Several blogs ago I told everybody about the program I’m using right now while on the road.  It’s been very successful for me for maintaining and gaining massive functional muscle.  It contains all the elements necessary; strength, speed, endurance, mobility, unusual workouts, etc. In it I talked about always doing the basics (squat, press, pull, [...]

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Are you afraid to fail?

Simple question right? Are you afraid to fail? Well maybe its not so simple. I believe most of the time we’re afraid to try because we fear failure. We associate failing with all kinds of negative consequences. Self worth, pain, disappointment, rejection, losing, and ultimately that we are “not enough” and will end as a [...]

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A training program I’m using you might want to try!

Hello friends, As most of you know I’m touring the US doing strongman anti-bullying shows. One of the big questions I get it “How do you stay in shape/train while you travel?” Being so busy with this tour (1000 miles a week/usually 10 or more shows/usually different city every night), that really is a good [...]

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More new explosive pushups!

This is a fun and challenging new one! I’m calling it “2 hand clap and jump on the rock” pushups. Obviously it could be done with any box or bench etc. I just happened to use this stone. The idea is to do a clapping pushup but push hard and high enough to grab the [...]

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Superman Pushups from last nights training!

Had a nice workout last night! The “no 300, no jail” workouts…warmup, mobility, then 12 sets of max explosive pushups for 3-5 reps, then power upright rows for 6 sets…PRs on both! Here’s some of the pushups! Click to view video. Tough but fun!!

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Guest Blog on Katrina Mayer’s site

Katrina and I come from very different worlds, but have much more in common than most people would think.  In fact, that’s part of the point of his post.  Learning the deep knowledge you can get from people who look different.  Often people who look different in the way that I look different have some [...]

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Jedd accidentally pulls a fast one on me

As you know we have some brand new DVDs combining Diesel Crew’s Jedd Johnson with Bud Jeffries – Putting two of the strongest sites on the net together to give you some awesome stuff.  We’ve done this to keep the old time strongman art of steel bending alive and give you a whole new way [...]

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One of the greatest workouts you’ll ever try!

Today we launch the announcement of a brand new DVD with a partnership with Jedd Johnson from Diesel Crew.  I  n doing that we partnered two of the strongest sites in the world showing you how to do an amazing feat of strength – The Art of Steel Scrolling!  Steel scrolling is the art of [...]

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Life Lessons in Iron – 1st 400lb Squat

Part 3 of the Iron sharpens Iron series – “1st 400lb Squat – Slapped into 100% Engagement!”

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